Friday, October 23, 2009

For Joel.


i did it...i just over-wrote my hi-resolution of that. so stupid. i feel like im back 5 years ago.
i intended to print this at some its 72 DPI. F&CK.
i dont think so but i wish there was a way to go back in your computer's brain memory and find other versions of files you saved over by mistake. god that would make me happy. but, no.


rose-a-petits-pois said...

Une pieuvre parisienne !
C'est trop choupidou
x x x

Boum said...

C'est trognon, dommage que t'aies perdu le hi-res.

Ça existe, en passant, le truc pour revenir en arrière: ça s'appelle quelque chose comme "Time Machine" et c'est une espèce de external hard drive pour Mac OS X qui sauvegarde toutes tes versions de tous tes fichiers automatiquement.

Atomier said...

Yay little french octopus!

C said...

i love what you do! i've just found out about you because NW, the tags are fantastic. you are very very talented.

paule said...

thanks C!

kitis_kika said...

Hey!!!!!! I love your work! been looking at your blog for quite sometime!....please checkout mine when you have a chance....besos!