Tuesday, September 7, 2010

halloween anybody?

Is anybody as nuts as i am about halloween? Im glad i had a good costume idea last week. Now its all in the making it happen! I've also prepared two little postcard images to bring along at Puces Pop. Did I mention i will be a part of this fall's edition of the fair? It is *quite* exiting. Lots of friends are already part of it and it will be pretty fun i think. :) A lot of work though!

The illustration with the girl and the white hair is from last year's halloween. But i still like it a lot. The other one is a self portrait. I drew this for my bio-picture for Merure3. I'd like to take this chance to invite all of you that are in Montreal on October 7th to swing by the launch! Editions Machine-Machine are really awsome people. (Check out their blog for infos about all awsomeness they are about.) Merure is a comic book collective that brings together a bunch of real talented folks, i feel very fortunate to be part of the third volume. Here's an epic preview of the third book: 

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