Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Mercredis Wedding OCD : Accessories & Invitations

 Well, well... I am sorry but it looks like I might only post on Wednesdays for a couple weeks.. ;) My transformation into full-on Bridezilla has not begun yet, but I'm assuming it's coming soon. 

 First of all, we sent formal invitations a couple weeks ago, and of course I did not save any for us, or take any pictures. I had two extra of those tiny little illustrations left (which were part of the design - it's printed on shiny origami paper) and it's been taped on my office wall since. (G took one for his office too. Because he such a lovely dude.) 

 I've also made some progress on the accessories. I got those boots, as an awesome wedding gift, from a dear friend. They are seriously just so perfect. I cannot even stop looking at them. They fit like a glove, which is lucky since I had not tried them on. I say it's fate. 

Barwood boot from Madewell

 She also sent me this dainty crystal bracelet. It's a little tighter then what I'm used to for bangles. (Note: she is much skinnier, this was meant to happen.) I'm not sure about the pairing with the second bracelet. I bought this one at the flee market over the weekend, hoping it could do for my something old, or something blue. Is it okay to use one object for both?? 

(This is crazy, it's coming so soon. I'm officially bat shit excited.) 

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